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KSK Labs, sells the Brand products with CBD and basically its compound by sublingual oils of different concentrations, creams with CBD and tea of different compositions.

myCBD products

myCBD products - CBD oil products | Ksk Labs myCBD2foto myCBD10foto crema-cbd-50-ml-mycbd CBD cream 100 ml | myCBDinfusion-relax-mycbd infusion-natural-mycbd infusion-inmuno-mycbd


An UNG Labs product where KSK Labs helps with the elaboration process and quality control

CBDinol productos are CBD products exclusively for pharmacies. If you want to know more, visit their website.

CBDinol products - CBD products - UNG LABS



Control and Security

All myCBD products maintain a stable formulation and come from organic farming industrial hemp, which guarantee products free of pesticides, heavy metal and microorganisms.


We can stand out that KSK Labs has the property of a liquid column chromatograph, which ensures that all manufactured lots contain specified concentrations of cannabinoids, for helping the patients to improve their well -being with stable and safe products.

Entourage effect

Our products based in hemp concentration contain the essential oils, aromatic terpenes and other ingredients of the whole plant, such delivering a perfect effect on well-being.